Assisting growers with potato sprout control and crop storage management solutions


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Wenta Nip & Sanitizing, LLC • Monte Vista, Colorado

Wenta Nip & Sanitizing, LLC provides potato growers, shippers and processors with the latest technology in post-harvest sprout control and potato storage sanitization along with the most up-to-date products used in the current potato sprout control and sanitization markets. We strive to provide the best data at our disposal to aid potato growers, shippers and processors with a program suited to each operation’s specific needs.

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Post-Harvest Sprout Control and sanitizing storages

We assist potato growers with post harvest commercial crop storage needs. Using the latest thermo-fogging technology we apply anti-sprout products to potatoes in storage to help the grower maintain quality while the potatoes are stored, getting the longest life out of their crop. 

We utilize cutting-edge thermo fogging techniques to apply our sprout control products.

Potatoes are piled in large quantities into clean and sanitized storages.

Thermo fogging efficiently applies sprout control as the fog passes through the potato pile.

Wenta Nip & Sanitizing Trailer

Colorado Department of Agriculture licensed applicators and consultants

As state licensed commercial applicators and consultants we work closely with potato growers and packers to ensure good clean storage and sprout control programs. 

We specialize in potato sprout control for all market types, from fresh to organic, process and seed, and utilize a wide range of products to precisely meet our growers’ needs.

Wenta Nip & Sanitizing has over 85 years of combined specialized knowledge in our industry and we stay abreast of all industry innovations and technologies.


Service is our top priority.  Our employees & applicators are trained to provide exceptional service and pertinent expertise to assist our growers’ crop storage needs.

Pre-Harvest Services

  • Consulting with growers & packers for sanitizing & sprout control programs that best fit their operations & crops needs.
  • Sanitizing of storage bins & floor treatments before harvest to ensure the cleanest & most bacteria free environment as possible before the crop goes into storage.

Post-Harvest Services

  • Apply products to sanitize the Potatoes of any bacteria or diseases that may have occurred during harvest.
  • Apply products that can help reduce shrink & pressure bruise that can extremely affect the Potatoes quality.
  • Apply products that fit your crops needs to control sprouting of the potatoes during their storage duration.
  • Install spray systems in potato packing warehouses to treat for bacteria and apply sprout control products while potatoes are packed for good clean quality going to the consumer.

We use the most effective and efficient products to protect your stored potatoes.

Small Family Owned and Operated in Monte Vista, Colorado

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